Monday, January 12, 2009

Did You Think it Ended with a Vote?

We are a week away from embarking on our historic journey to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Like everyone else living in this country during this event, we will be witnessing history being made. As we travel from Ohio to Washington, DC, we are not only witnessing, but also taking part in that history. We will all have our own stories to tell.

Julia Ewing is travelling with us along with her two grandaughters, Tobi and Brielle. Their story appeared in this past Sunday's Dayton Daily News. Julia wrote me about the upcoming trip:

Yesterday, January 6, 2009
My Grand daughter and myself were interviewed by the Dayton Daily News in honor of us attending the inauguration in Washington, DC January 20, 2009. We felt very honored in this historical time. I had thought and felt just us going would be a memorable time for us. but, When the Dayton Daily News called to ask me if they could do a story on my granddaughters and myself!! I felt so blessed!

We sure had a good time taking the picture and laughing and just being silly. They spoke so intelligently like the young ladies they have become. I was so proud of them. (I got a little full) Soooo, Anyway! Look for our Article in Sunday's Dayton News Paper January 11, 2009. (may be front page)

Please, there will be NO autographs at this time.. Possibly went we return from the Ball! ;-)Love you family and friends!!j-

I hope all of you will share your experiences, photos, etc. on this blog even after we return. But I'm way ahead of myself. First, some news, some information, and a modest request.

We Have a Winner!

Ancestral Blessings is the winner of the "The Things They Carried" contest. Her survivial pack won because it is practical and she followed all the rules of the contest!

All items can be carried in a Fanny Pack:
1. Cell Phone – that is completely charged & has JB’s ph# programmed
2. Compact Pocket Size Hooded Emergency Rain Poncho
3. Antibacterial Hand wipes (travel size)
4. Hand Warmers (can be used for hands or feet)
5. Map of the DC area

Congratulations Ancestral Blessings. You will receive your prize on the bus.

There were other great entries . I want to share two for those of you who don't want to go back and read the comments.

Here is a great, comprehensive, very sensible list from Mr. Richberg that was too long to win the contest (limited to 5 items):

the things they carry- should consist of 2 pieces of photo I.D, cellphone and ac/charger,anti-bacterial wipes,wool pullover cap,woolgloves,warm insulated coat with removable insert(case it gets warm but I doubt it),disposable camera,chap stick,lotion,debit/creditcard,$20.00 cash in singles. All can be carried in fanny Pack or coat or jacket pockets. you should already have on warm socks,comfortable shoes and pants, thermal under top and bottom. you should also expect bad phone reception so brush up on your ability to texts messege.

And finally, dazzlingd had the most inspirational list which I hope we will ALL carry with us:

My 5 things to carry:
1. God, I don't leave home without Him.
2. A whole lot of Patience.
3. Consideration of others.
4. A small version of the American flag.
5. Pride

Thanks to all of you for your great advice.

Where Will Our Buses Park?

Hurrah! We have secured the location where our two buses will park in DC, and it is just blocks away from the Capitol Building, the National Mall, the Supreme Court Building, the Washington Monument, and L'Enfant Plaza Metro station. Here is a
map of the area. "I" Street, where we will park, is less than half a mile from the center of everything - the Capitol steps. I will distribute a map of the area on the buses.

If you have not purchased a Metro Commemorative fare card, here is some information from my recent experience.

1. Less than a week ago, I paid for my two passes online and received them in the mail within three business days.
2. They are not "cards," but flimsly slips of paper that will nonetheless get you unlimited riding on the Metro for one day.
3. Even though the turnaround time for me was short, I would suggest you call DC Metro before you purchase at this late date. They may advise you to wait until you get to a station to purchase one there.

Again, you do not need to ride the Metro to get to the Capitol or the Mall. But if you want to go to Union Station for some shopping, or to a Georgetown restaurant, or any of the great places to visit in DC, consider taking the Metro.

Did You Think Your Participation Ended with a Vote?

President-Elect Obama is urging Congress to act on his economic stimulus plan soon. Do you support or oppose the plan? Do you know what it is?

We all clambered to request tickets to the inauguration from our Congressional representatives. Now I ask that we all call, email, or write them again to say how we think they should respond to Obama's proposals. No, of course, we have not ceased to be participating citizens of this country just because the election is over!

See you in seven!

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